Accreditation - Delivering the highest standards of governance for all trustees

We’re an all-inclusive member organisation with a trustee group representing over 1,000 pension scheme trustees from all backgrounds. This includes members of Pensions Boards of Local Authority schemes. We are passionate about setting high standards.

Our accreditation programmes establish minimum levels of expertise and competency for lay and professional trustees to help pension schemes prepare for tomorrow.

As the official qualifications provider for all lay and professional trustees, when the PMI name stands behind accreditation, it signifies a special seal of approval. And we maintain the strength of PMI accreditation by continuing to meet the ongoing professional development needs of accredited trustees – the learning never stops.

For pension schemes, PMI accreditation signifies excellence in trusteeship, with all-round thinking and knowledge.

Start your journey to accreditation today. We’ll be with you every step of the way

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