Find an Accredited Lay Trustee

Full NameCompanyTitleEmailCertification NumberDate Accredited
Mr Neil CalvertThe Co-operative College  PMIL0017/1/20215100502
Keith RobertsonMAST-ICT Ltd    5100608
Mr Phillip Wilson  [email protected]PMIL01011/25/20215100779
Mrs Annette BoehmerSchlumberger [email protected]PMIL0133/29/20225100950
Mr Robin Alexander De Beir JarrattGIC [email protected]PMIL0068/11/20215101274
Miss Anne-Marie GillonIC Select Limited - Edinburgh, Midlothian [email protected]PMIL0038/3/20215101367
Mr Peter SparkesITB Pension Funds [email protected]PMIL0123/23/20225102857
Ms Janice TurnerBroadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph & Theatre Union [email protected]PMIL0112/4/20225103392
Mr Anthony John ChapmanDHL Pensions Department (754) [email protected]PMIL0145/5/20225103811
Mr Neil Charles Hardell TointonAbbey Life Trust Securities Limited  PMIL0155/6/20225103896
Mr Michael John Eugene Sullivan  [email protected]PMIL00910/26/202170639
Mr Stephen Paul NicholsArla Foods Pension Plan Trustees Ltd [email protected]PMIL0165/13/202273064
Mr John FlynnNational Grid UK NGE Group of the ESPS  PMIL0058/9/202180255
Mrs Nicola HardcastleMagnet Limited  PMIL0079/8/202193639
Mr Richard JonesRailway Pension Trustee Company LTD  PMIL0027/27/202195217
Mr Gareth ReesPNPF [email protected]PMIL00810/25/202197909
Mr David MurphyNILGOSC (Northern Ireland Local Government Officers Superannuation Committee) Dmurphy.pensions @gmail.comPMIL0048/4/202198615